Happy New Month Our Wonderful Readers On our Exclusive interview this month we still taking it back to back from Ibadan to the world.

Am Oluwadamilola Faniyi

Enjoy Reading Through

Can we meet you sir?‬

My name is Damilola oresanya popularly known as vyrusdecomedian

Vyrus!!!! What brought that name Vyrus?

Wow! that’s a wonderful question I went with a friend at a ceremony I met one of my high school friend so we chatted for hours and my friend was like “you are not serious e b like say u get vyrus for head for chatting this long”Less did he know that have been wanting to change my name. The name vyrus is a name that when u hear it you will really want to meet me in person Like who’s this guy that could be bearing such name.Everyone wanna meet me dats just it😃😃😃.

Tell us more about yourself down to your childhood background..

Well I’m from an average Family, the last born and the only boy In the family I had my primary and secondary school education here in Ibadan….. Oluyole high school precisely,

After my secondary school education, you know now man must hustle to make ends meet.

I’m the type of guy that truly believe in hard work I don’t cut corners.

What are your parents take on going into comedy?

They are cool with my ideas, not that dey support monetarily but they love what I do and they guide me with their prayers and advise.My parents believe you are the architect of your own future.

What are the challenges you facing in this profession?‬Uhmmmm…….that question is deep tho Firstly I have face alot of challenges like going to shows and at the end of the program they will start begging with stipends and is not encouraging also having a huge project in mind and not having enough funds to implement it.

You recently released an update about your event coming up Next Month Comic Moment with Mc Vyrus (the out break) What Birthed the concept?

Uhmmmm……all glory to the giver of life for the inspiration, Tho July is my birthday month July 3rd to be precised. The concept is to bring new juice and sauce to the comedy industry and also its a better way to relate with my fans that I’m here to stay.

What Should we look forward to see @ Comic Moment?

There is a lot of things to watch out for,cause it going to be comically endowed, soul lifting, and also we got company partnering with us….so there’s a lot of gift to be won that day….its my birthday month like I said earlier.

Who is/are your Role Model(s)?

Have got a lot of people I look up to in the industry, woli arole,doctor Frick, peteru, woli agba to mention a few.

Will you mind sharing your happiest moment/ Sad moment on stage

Happiest moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sighs)

haaa!!!!!!!…….that was Dec 26 2009 then have not started comedy officially, I won 50k cash price in a competition organized by mtn I think that’s my happiest moment. Sad moment have got o but not on stage.

Any Project in mind we should look forward to this year?

Yeah there’s alot coming up this year.You will get to know as time un folds.

Have you for once given up leaving comedy?

Haaaaa……yeah😔😔 then I was down in my spirit every thing just seems not working then…. But we bless God the future is clearer.

Where do you see your self in the next five years?

I see myself as a graduate, and a man to be reckon with in the industry by then I must have been an OAP God’s willing.

What Advice would you give Young Aspiring Comedians who seek to make impact in the industry

My advice to them is to put God First in everything they do,Cause everything our God is involved it’s a smooth sailing.

Any message to your fans?

I love them so much and they should keep supporting the brand back to backComic moments is near they should make it a day and I promise I will never disappoint them.

Its Great having you on the ‘Exclusive Interview’ today. We hope anytime we beckon on you, you will be willing to answer us?

Smiles!!!!! Yea will be so honoured,Thank you.

You can connect with Mc Vyrus on facebook as



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