A Quick Chat With @iamdpraiz

In a quick messenger chat with @iamdpraiz Am oluwadamilolaPR.like our page on fb @Exclusivelyricalbeats

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quick chat with D’praiz this early morning.

Good morning sir!!!!!

Dpraiz >>> Morning

We were checking your update few days ago and we caption this ur quotes

“Grace works faster dan juju”.

Can you briefly tell us more abt it?

D’praiz >>>> Smiles yea actually what birth that quotes was when an alfa called me one day and told me he as been seeing my update dat av started singing now nd I should come and see him cos he has something to give me to boost my self cos the music world is too competitive. I thought about this offer and I was about giving in to it, bfre God sent someone to me and gave me a word.

Right thr this quote came to my mind Grace works faster than Juju…….

When God gives you anything he backs it up no matter what dnt add voodoo to Gods given gift the two cant work…….

Watchout for something spontenous loading soon

*Campus Tour

*Worship Experience with @iamdpraiz


Grace works faster than Juju


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