Mum do tell me “You can do anything you like as long as you are doing it right” Exclusive Interview with Mc Adamu.

img-20170116-wa0005Happy new year to you all

Our first Exclusive interview today we went all the way from Ibadan to bring in Mc Adamu a comedian.

Am Faniyi Oluwadamilola Enjoy Reading through.

Can we meet you sir?

Am Akande Oluyemi Johnson a.k.a Mc Adamu

Tell us more about yourself down to your childhood background.

Am from a family of 6,second born and first son of the family. I attended Prince Private School,Ikeja, Lagos state and move down to Ibadan 2002 for my Secondary school at St. Micheal African School,Owode, Apata, Ibadan. Am currently doing my National Diploma (ND) at Federal College Of Agriculture, IAR&T,Ibadan and will be through this year by God Grace

Mc Adamu!!!! What brought that name Mc Adamu?

Hmmm,well some think Adamu is an Hausa or a Muslim name. but the name “Adamu” was actually given to me by a small boy of 4/5years of age and since then the name stuck.

What are the challenges you facing in this profession?

It’s a whole lot, going to shows,without been given transport fare or you crack heavy jokes and no one is smiling and you ask yourself “Is it not funny?” It’s just been God, really.

You recently released an update about your event coming up soon Applause 2017 What Birthed the concept?

Well,Applause will be my First show ever since I started my career,Although I have been planning it since 2015 but I pegged it down due to some things not until I was told by a pastor that i should go ahead with the concept am planning that God is in control and have been praying to God to have is way.

Who is/are your Role Model(s)?

Basket mouth, Akpororo, Pastor chinko, Peteru, Babah Oroh, Rapindady etc….And I love Rapindady so much in terms of dressing..

  • img-20170116-wa0002Have you for once given up leaving comedy?

Sighs!! Hmmmm No…

What are your parents take on going into comedy?

My parents have been so supportive from the very stage when I started till this moment ,Mum do tell me “You can do anything you like as long as you are doing it right” and moreover they call me Adamu at home.

Any Project in mind we should look forward to this year?

Yes, “St.Michael Got Talent” that is going back to my secondary school to bring out talents in young ones that have no platform in show casing their talents, i.e Comedy,Music and dance..img-20170116-wa0003

Will you mind sharing your happiest moment/ Sad moment on stage?

Happiest moment was when I went for an Open mic comedy by Mc Rapindady last year, having being my first time of going into a competition and it was a huge success and my sad moment was my first performance in my school I cracked one of my best jokes and someone shouted”where you see this guy abeg comot for stage u idiot” it was so painful but to me it was not a sad moment but encouragement and thank God today because those that sent me away from stage now always want me on their stage

What Advice would you give Young Aspiring Comedians who seek to make impact in the industry

Well,keep working hard,we will all get there. its all about a matter of time..

We learnt you bagged your self a sum of 10,000 in an open mic comedy by rapindaddy last year how did u feel?

Oh,lolzz,I was thrilled but all glory be to God

Any message to your fans?

I want to say thank you and God bless you all because without God and you guys their won’t be Adamu,keep supporting us and we will all make history.

Its Great having you on the ‘ExclusiveInterview’ today. We hope anytime we beckon on you, you will be willing to answer us?

Its my pleasure…Thank you.



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BBM: D601F190

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