30 Characteristics of a Guy

★30 Characteristics Of A Guy.★
☆1. He has integrity and
character: simply put, a good
guy is less talk and more action.
The Latin origin of “integrity”
means whole, and when it comes
to being a good guy, wholesome
is sexy. Everywhere he goes, he
leaves a mark.
2. He’s balanced: family and
friends always comes first. He
prioritizes his time and is well-
rounded in many areas. He’s a
modern Renaissance man.
3. He’s confident: this doesn’t
mean cocky at all. He has a good
self-image about himself and
believes he deserves the best.
4. He’s courageous: he goes after
what he wants even in the
presence of self-doubt. He’s not
afraid to approach women and
spark conversation.
5. He listens: the good guy
doesn’t care about the sound of
his voice. He doesn’t interrupt
and he follows the rule that 75%
of the time should be listening
vs. talking.
6. He takes initiative: the good
guy is a leader, and takes the
first step in a group setting and
in a relationship.
7. He’s detail-oriented: as tough
as it is for a man, the good guy
tries to stay on top of it and is
organized. When it comes to
pursuing the girl of his dreams,
he knows the little things count
the most.
8. He has self-respect and gives
respect to all: he focuses on
the kind of man he wants to be,
and creates a positive internal
self-dialogue. A good guy is
empathetic and forgiving.
9. He challenges himself to be a
better man: most men are
raised to believe they need to
fight and conquer. A good guy
understands to overcome one’s
own self is better than
competing and beating anyone
10. He’s committed and faithful:
he says what he means, and
means what he says. He follows
through with his word even with
people who don’t follow through
with theirs. He’s loyal in
11. He fights against injustice:
when a good guy sees another
guy act out of line with a female,
he thinks it could be his own
sister, mother or daughter, and
steps in to fight the injustice,
even if it’s his own friend that’s
causing the problem.
12. He’s honest: the truth can hurt,
but it’s also the beginning of the
healing process. A good guy
understands honesty might be
tough up front, but the impact is
far less than the outcome of long
running white lies.
13. He’s good with his money: he
makes decisions to plan for the
future, and makes a budget for
14. He has good humor: he
doesn’t take himself too
seriously, and is happy to be the
pun of everyone’s joke.
15. He’s humble: he lets others
sing his praises instead of
16. He’s a team player: he
understands the team’s success
is his success, and cares more
about the team winning than his
own ego.
17. He’s adaptable: things don’t
always go his way, but he picks
himself up and tries again.
Throw him in any scene, and he’s
18. He has good manners: his
actions are made with care and
19. He’s always learning: the good
guy loves life, and seeks to make
the most out of it. He reads at
least one book a month.
20. He’s shaped by men he
respects: he finds mentors,
men he wants to be like, and
regularly meets with them.
21. He has true and close
friendships: he keeps a tight
brotherhood around him and
understands “iron sharpens iron
as man sharpens man.”
22. He has a desire to advance
culture: when he leaves the
world, it will be a better place.
23. He has temperance (moderate
in action, thought, feeling and
yup alcohol): he’s not the wild
and out of control guy at the
party. The good guy is the one
who carries him home on his
shoulders. He thinks before he
acts, and doesn’t let him
emotions get the best of him.
24. He supports and promotes
moral excellence: he knows
what’s right and wrong. The
good guy is the one who helps
an elderly lady carry her
groceries to her car.
25. He seeks peace when
possible : he confronts in
private, but he’s never a
doormat. The confidence in
himself is unwavering in tough
26. He improves his physical
health : he knows his body is a
temple, and works to improve
his health and his image.
27. He has a vision to lead : with
long-term thinking, the good guy
leads with the realization his
actions today will affect his life
and others in the future.
28. He has gratitude : he works
hard, and is thankful for
everything he receives.
29. He knows the importance of
family: not only is he concerned
with the legacy he will leave, but
he honors the legacy he has
received and the traditions of his
30. He believes in his Creator: he
starts his day in prayer, and
stops and listens for his next
What would our character and
reputations look like if we applied
these principles? Take one or two of
these today and begin applying them
to your life. This list is based on some
of the creeds of the most known
fraternities. What would fraternity
reputations looks like if men followed
the ideals? No man is perfect, but we
can all work on becoming better men.☆☜🙇🙇.


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